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2012, You’ve Been Swell

This year. I can’t believe it’s almost through.

There was a tremendous trip to the Sugar Bowl (and one of the best food cities there is). There was a 29th birthday, a surprise trip to New York, and a beet dish that so haunted me, I tracked down the recipe and made it myself. There was a whole lot of yogurt, with granola and in soups galore. And there was the happy discovery that just about anything tastes better when you caramelize it. I guess we all learn at our own pace.

2012 brought many new siblings into my life, and 2013 will bring quite a few more. D’s brothers and sisters, and my brother, are getting engaged and married seemingly everyday. We both feel so lucky about our expanding family.

Many dear friends of ours had children in 2012, making our lives livelier, and creating a pretty strong incentive to finally break down and stock our little condo with toys that aren’t of the breakable-pottery variety. We’re pretty psyched about all the little ones.

(Also, about our friend who makes the most amazing birthday cakes:)

We’re closing out this year and ringing in the new one at home, with good friends and good food. There’ll be gougeres and rice paper rolls, miso-broiled black cod and leeks vinaigrette. There are also pureed sweet potatoes as smooth and silky as I’ve ever had. And then, since New Years Eve is the time for showstoppers, I made a Dobos Torte.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Here’s to 2013!

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