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Easing Back In


We’ve just returned from a week at the beach, full of silky sand and mid-afternoon beach chair dozes and lots of home-cooked meals. As anticipated, the bounce-back to real life is taking its time. We got back from Saturday lunch both ready to crash – what, we can’t take catnaps every day? – and the home fridge is still empty enough that there’s nothing begging to be cooked. I think this is what they call easing back in.

I’d love to give you a full write-up of where to go in Hilton Head, and what to do, but we went to none of those places, did none of that stuff. Instead, we cooked all our meals at home, basically owned the beach, and let the brain cells uncoil. It was glorious.

1-hilton head

1-hilton head1

We biked the trails and strolled the beach at sunset. I made four pies. Could we be more cliche? I don’t care.



I’m in too much of a haze to share an actual recipe today, but I will share a couple links that are perfect for this moment in summer.


This moment, for me, is about tomatoes and peaches. So first things first: make this deep-dish peach crumb pie, from Melissa Clark. You will love the crumb topping, and also the satisfied silence you hear from people who cannot accuse you of not making enough pie, because this is so much pie.

Next, when you’re ready for a cleanse, make this tomato lassi from Food52, but swap out those mangoes for top-of-season peaches or nectarines. If you don’t have sumac, it’s okay: substitute lemon juice, or pomegranate syrup, or something else that’s sweet-tart. Make a double, store it in a big jar in the fridge, and you have tomorrow’s post-work snack.


Lastly, if you return from a week away to an exploding herb garden (such a problem! said no one), make this sage-pistachio pesto (I like to add some pecorino but it’s not necessary) or this mint-pistachio pesto or this lovely walnut pesto, with either basil, parsley, or both. Then spoon it into small containers and stow it away for a cold winter’s dinner.

I’ll be back later this week with a recipe.

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