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National Pride!

photo by A. Gilbert l link to photo source

Yes, this is a food blog; no, I don’t intend to make it anything else. But I simply can’t let yesterday’s events go unrecognized. Never in my life have I been prouder to be part of this country. I’m simply overjoyed that the racial barrier has fallen, and that we have elected Barack Obama as our next president! Yes, there were some bittersweet moments as yesterday’s results rolled in — most notably, the passage of proposition 8 in California, which I simply cannot understand — but in all, November 4th 2008 marked a historic event in our nation’s history, and it’s certainly cause for celebration!

Happy post-election madness to all of you!

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  • Mandy November 5, 2008,

    Rivka, just to keep this foodie, I’ll tell you that we had Obama-logo cupcakes at our house last night (squeeze icing on a fondant base). Now, as to politics, expectations at our house are for a woman president emergence soon, possibly before my teenagers have kids of their own (assuming, of course, we avoid Levi Johnston’s timetable).
    After that, or coupled with that, inquiring minds want to know which we will see first in the oval office: an acknowledged homosexual, or a Jew? Or, to simplify matters, if Rachel Maddow is Jewish (is she?!?), how soon can we install her in the White House?

  • rivka November 5, 2008,

    Amen to that! I have a bonafide political/cultural crush on Rachel Maddow — think she’s amazing and would love to see her climb those ranks! Would LOVE to see pics of the Obama cupcakes if you’ve got any.

  • CherylK November 11, 2008,

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Mark Carnes December 14, 2008,

    Please contact your former professor!