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NDP’s Facelift

Welcome to the new and (hopefully) improved Not Derby Pie! I hope you like the new layout and scheme. Please leave comments with feedback — I’m always looking for ways to improve (and attract more readers!)

Now, for an update on the life of NDP:
I’ve spent much of the last two months fretting and sweating over my new blog, http://notderbypie.com/. (Don’t go check it out! It’s a mess right now. :)) I’ve tried every available template, messed around with the layout to the best of my (minimal) ability, and even taught myself bits of HTML so that I could make the stupid, kitschy graphics on templates go away. All this, to no avail. I still can’t find a template that I like. My preferences are actually pretty simple: I want a three-column split template with netural colors, some greens, good fonts, and general flexibility re: moving things around on the page. Sound simple? Think again.

If you or your friends or hey, your enemies — I’ll take anyone — know HTML and are looking for an opportunity to be published and credited, a volunteer project, or a charity case (that’s me!), please be in touch with me at RivkaFriedman(at)yahoo(dot)com. I could really use the talent and generosity of someone who knows what he/she’s doing. Thanks so much, and I look forward to lots of feedback…

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