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Sugar High Friday…Toasted!


Now that NDP is a whopping two years old, I think it’s time she and I finally hosted a blogging event. I’ve been a sporadic participant in these sorts of things, mostly because between keeping up with my day job, getting bloggable food on the table, and taking decent pictures of said food, I can’t find much time to keep up with the various blogging events out there. But one of my resolutions for this third year of blogging is to dip my foot into new networks of eaters, cooks, and bloggers. I’d like to be more in touch with folks who do what I do on this site. So here’s my first attempt: I’m hosting October’s Sugar High Friday.

Sugar High Friday (SHF) is a blogging event to satisfy the mother of all sweet-tooths (sweet teeth?). SHF was created by Jennifer Hamilton, i.e. The Domestic Goddess, and every month, SHF participants cook, photograph, and submit desserts on a theme. Past themes include desserts from your childhood, sweets containing alcohol, chilled desserts, and last month’s edition, “locavore treats.”

For the October 2009 edition of SHF, we’ll be making desserts in which something (or everything) is toasted. Toasted almonds and toasted coconut come to mind, but it doesn’t stop there: toasted spices can really perk up an ordinary recipe, toasted oats in fruit crisp add a lovely nutty flavor…I could go on. I’ve got something pretty unique planned for my entry, and I know you’ll all submit some really interesting things as well. (Ahem, I mean you!)

Speaking of submissions, here are the guidelines for submitting an entry:

  1. Cook and photograph something toasty!
  2. If you have a blog, post about your toasted dessert. (If you don’t have a blog, see below.
  3. Email me at Rivka [at] Not Derby Pie [dot] com with “SHF-toasted” as the subject. Please include:
    • your name
    • the name of your blog
    • a link to the post about your submission
    • the name of your submission
    • any other info about why you made what you made
    • a thumbnail image of your creation. It should be no wider than 100 pixels, in jpg format, and should be named the same as your blog. For example, my image would be named notderbypie.jpg.
  4. If you do not have a blog, please post your recipe, and a link to a photo if you’d like, in the comments section either here or in the round-up post.
  5. Submissions must be in by midnight (EDT) on Monday, October 26th, or they will not be included in the round-up!

I’ll post the roundup on Friday of that week, so please do check back here to see everyone’s delicious creations!

Looking for inspiration? Check out these recipes, all of which rely on toasted ingredients:

As always, thanks to Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess, who created the whole Sugar High Friday concept back in 2004. Now get cookin’!

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  • Rocquie September 24, 2009,

    My blog is still a child and I’ve not yet participated in a blogging event. I have an idea for yours and hope to make this my first.

    I’ll make a test batch this weekend.

  • cathy x. October 5, 2009,

    oooh! such a great idea! i think i’ll make a toasted peanut butter, banana and chocolate sandwich.. but really fancy! 😀

  • dhanggit October 11, 2009,

    hmmm let see what can i prepare for SHF October edition! this sounds exciting!

  • cathy x. October 27, 2009,

    hello 🙂 i tried sending you the email again. let me know if you don’t receive it. thanks!

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