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T-Day at my house: vegetarians, stay tuned

I’m always surprised that people are such haters when it comes to veggie Thansgiving meals. “What? You don’t have turkey? How dare!” say their astonished faces. Well, now you know: I don’t care about turkey. It’s dry almost every time I have it, and frankly, I’d rather a spring chicken any day. Plus, when you have two kinds of cornbread, two stuffings, four things that could easily qualify as mains, four or five cranberry sauces and chutneys and relishes, plus pecan pie, apple cranberry pie and pumpkin pie for dessert, turkey becomes an afterthought.

Anyway. I’m writing to all the vegetarians lurking in cyberspace who read my blog. Yes, you: stay tuned, because I’m going to my parents’ house on Sunday to help mom cook, and I’ll be taking the usual array of photos, notes and tastes….and, of course, sharing recipes. So keep reading, and I promise some fantastic T-day suggestions soon!

Also, a note to you carnivores who are hosting T-day yourself: veggies need to be looked after. If you don’t think carefully, you’ll end up with “bacon in the brussels sprouts, gravy on the mashed potatoes, dressing stuffed into the bird and chicken stock in everything else” (from Melissa Clark in NYT; I couldn’t have said it better myself.) So do make sure that you have some completely vegetarian dishes at your table. For any and all suggestions…you know where to find me.
***picture above is pumpkin and delicata squash ravioli with brie. The recipe was nothing to write home about, but like I said — more to follow.

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