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What I’m Reading, Thanksgiving Edition

Here’s what I’ve been reading, from various corners of the web.  Happy weekend!

  • This beautiful Dansk baking dish was on major sale (as in 70% off) at CB Outlet last weekend – might want to check the one nearest you. I can’t wait to roast a chicken in it.
  • Love these napkin ties, DIY of course, from Martha.
  • Why don’t we eat turkey eggs?
  • Leah’s mulled apple cider sangria looks like a great way to kick off this year’s meal.
  • If you’re feeling strong and open, read this beautiful, heartbreaking piece from Ariel Levy about her Thanksgiving in Mongolia. Bring the tissues.
  • This will make a happy home on my table the week after Thanksgiving. (Why not?)
  • When the holidays end and we can take a vacation, I’ll be heading here. (Can’t believe it took the Times this long to cover!)
  • Cooking I can do, but tablescapes are not my thing. This guide just became my bible. (Via Food52)
  • We received this Madeira as a wedding gift (hi, Beth!), but I didn’t realize until recently that I love it not only in tarts but in a glass, after dinner. Serve this to your guests after the Thanksgiving feast and you will see some very happy—if very full—faces.
  • I haven’t loved the NYT’s new multimedia features that much (though the SNL feature is a notable exception), but they did a really stellar job with their Essential Thanksgiving Guide. One essential recipe in each major category, a few variations for the adventurous (or bored), presented in a straightforward manner. Very helpful.
  • While we’re at it, Sam Sifton’s lovely little book on Thanksgiving will guide you expertly through the next 7 days.

What about you? Share in the comments. Have a great weekend, friends.

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  • Aliza N November 22, 2013,

    Love this, Riv! Wish you and D a happy Thanksgivingukkah!!

    • rivka November 22, 2013,

      Ditto! Have a great holiday.