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Avocado Tomato Salad



It’d be a shame to spend too much of this day indoors, because it’s beautiful outside and I have an all-day pool pass — so I’m going to keep this short: It’s summer, people! That means I’m barely to be seen at the grocery store, stocking up on fruit and veggies almost exclusively at the three nearby farmers’ markets to supplement my CSA. I’m high on summer produce.


Avocados and tomatoes are especially excellent right now. Tomatoes haven’t quite hit their peak, but I picked up some beautiful heirlooms this morning and we enjoyed them in salad, with a bit of salt and not much else. Last week, I had some beautiful on-the-vine tomatoes in the house, as well as some perfectly ripe avocados and some baby lettuce from a friend’s garden, so I threw together a really simple salad that’s definitely going to be a staple on my plate this season. It’s just lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, a crumble or two of my usual Keswick Creamery feta, and some lemon, salt, and pepper. It doesn’t get much simpler or better than that.


As you can see, we enjoyed this salad both in the bowl and atop a bagel and lox leftover from my dear friend Dellie’s med school graduation party. Congrats, Dr. Sorel! So proud!

If I could make one suggestion for summer eating, it would be to Keep It Simple (excuse the weird capitalization). Let the produce speak for itself — it doesn’t need much to sing.

Happy Summer, everyone!

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  • Aliza S. June 15, 2009,

    Such a fan of this this salad!! I’m making a panzanella-ish salad tonight with tomatoes, avos, fresh bread, fresh lettuce, and some cheese – with a super simple dressing. Isn’t summer the best?