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For What Ails You


What you see there is what’s left of my breakfast (some baguette with ricotta, avocado, and sea salt — crostini, anyone?), my lifeline (tissues), and my constant companion (a steaming cup of chai). I’m down for the count right now and need some serious R&R. Hopefully I’ll be better and back in a few days.

Meanwhile, humor me: when you’re sick, what are your creature comforts? Are there things you absolutely can’t live without? See you in the comments, everyone.

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  • Olga October 15, 2009,

    Hope you feel better. Soups are definitely a must. So are mashed potatoes, hot tea w/lemon, spicy food (think Indian) and something sweet and decadent (Nutella).

  • Sara October 15, 2009,

    I always figure my body needs as many vitamins/minerals it can get to get better, so I try to have a lot of super healthy things, like spinach, carrots, pomegranate, etc. Oooh, and I drink Naked Juice’s Green Machine like water. My mom swears that the mixture of cinnamon and honey cures everything so you’re onthe right track with the chai. Good luck/feel better soon!

  • Adrienne October 15, 2009,

    I am a big fan of the head sauna – get a small pot of water hot so it’s steaming (but not boiling), toss a chamomile teabag in there, put your head over it and make a tent with a towel so you get a face full of steam. Stay in there as long as you can stand it while all the crap drains outta your head. I know it sounds icky, but it makes me feel better every time. I also like spicy miso soups for clearing sinuses, and quilts for snuggling up on the couch and sleeping all day.

  • rivka October 15, 2009,

    I’m totally with you on miso soup and head sauna. Spicy food is a thought — haven’t tried that but will do!

  • Denise October 15, 2009,

    Totally with you on the not-feeeling-well front. I’m also best friends with tissues right now and LOVE, LOVE chai tea!! I’m browsing food blogs & wishing I felt well enough to make a new post (over due) on mine.

    I agree with soup. I wasn’t up for making my white chicken chili last night, but did manage to throw together all the ingredients for it except the chicken. Tastes great & spicy.

    Other comforts…not having to leave the house, bumming around in pjs, sipping hot tea, and my kids being calm and peaceful…letting me take it easy. And I’m especially partial to my hubby who has been very sympathetic this go round. probably because he just got over the flu and bronchitis. I sure hope this is just a cold for me!