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Sugar High Friday Reminder: Get Toasting!


Just reminding anyone who’s interested that the deadline for Sugar High Friday should bake, photograph, post, and email their toasted recipes to me by MIDNIGHT MONDAY, OCTOBER 26th. I’ll do the round-up at the end of that week, so if you want in, get baking! I know I’ve already baked up a pretty delicious and unique recipe for this month’s fun. I may even squeeze in one more round of baking if I get better in time.

To enter, email me at Rivka [at] Not Derby Pie [dot] com with “SHF-toasted” as the subject. Please include:

-your name
-the name of your blog
-a link to the post about your submission
-the name of your submission
-any other info about why you made what you made
-a thumbnail image of your creation. It should be no wider than 100 pixels, in jpg format, and should be named the same as your blog. For example, my image would be named notderbypie.jpg.

If you do not have a blog, please post your recipe, and a link to a photo if you’d like, in the comments section either here or in the round-up post.

Hope to see you back here, recipe in hand, by October 26th!

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