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In a cliche to end all cliches, thanksgiving came early for us this year.


Our little Adi was born Saturday before the holiday. She came into the world with a super-alert gaze, a chill, lovely disposition, and a full head of hair. Needless to say, we’re over the moon.

We’ve spent the past few weeks offline, adjusting to the rhythms of parenthood. I keep thinking back to the Friday night dinner we hosted back in early November, where I made Peking duck, and that last apple pie I made the week before I went into labor. Both feel like they happened eons ago. Now there’s a tiny human in our house, and we’re responsible for her. It’s all quite surreal.

To our great fortune, my brother- and sister-in-law also ensured that we had Thanksgiving of the more traditional variety. There was turkey, stuffing, kale, green beans, brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole, gravygravygravy, cranberry sauce, and more pies and cakes than I had time to inventory. Loving, eager hands held and passed Adi all night; she cooperated perfectly. And when we had to leave rather abruptly, our wonderful family sent us home with a huge bag of leftovers to sustain us through the weekend. I even managed to secure a piece of gingerbread chocolate cake for the road.

Friends, I have so many recipes to share with you. If you’ll be patient, I’ll try to work through them over the next few weeks. The days (and nights!) are rather unpredictable, but they’re growing less so. And to my great surprise, my desire to cook hasn’t really faded since I gave birth. Time is in shorter supply and comes in small spurts, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of cooking and baking between feeds and burps and whatnot. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, happiest of holidays to all of you. Enjoy this lovely time of family and friends. See you back here in a bit with a recipe or two. xo.

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  • Jennifer Hess December 15, 2014,

    Rivka, she is just amazing – we are over the moon FOR you! These early weeks can be such a challenge, but hopefully you will get through them just fine. Wishing you and your beautiful family love and support and delicious things to eat and frequent naps and so much love!

  • DD December 15, 2014,

    This blog’s best photo yet.

  • Rachael December 15, 2014,

    mazal tov!!
    Remember to sleep when she does. Otherwise you’ll always be tired. I know you’ll be a great mom/Eema!

  • Trish December 16, 2014,

    You’re both beautiful! Mazal tov!

  • Rocquie December 16, 2014,

    What a beautiful baby! And Mother. Congratulations to your family. –Rocquie

  • deb December 16, 2014,

    Mazal tov! She’s absolutely lovely.

  • Kat December 17, 2014,

    Congratulations! She’s precious!

  • Kat December 22, 2014,

    This is my first comment on your blog, but just had to pop in to say congratulations. Makes my heart happy-wishing you and your family every good thing!

  • Ashley December 28, 2014,

    Rivka, I had no idea you guys were expecting. Many happy days ahead as you teach her to love food as much as you do. Mazel tov to you both!

  • Nicole January 12, 2015,

    So sweet! Congrats!