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Reading: April 2014


It’s been quiet around here this week, since I’ve been tied up with other things and haven’t had much chance to cook. Still, the weekend is here. That should give you some time to make this lovely semolina bread, or perhaps these gingerbread oat waffles. Maybe it’ll also give you some time to catch up on your food reading. Here are some things I’ve been eyeing, for your reading pleasure. Happy weekend, friends.


An unassuming little cocktail that isolates the DNA of strawberries so that it’s visible. Awesome.

A deep and devastating look at animal cruelty on factory farms – the latest in a string of pieces that reinforced my conviction to avoid the stuff entirely.

I’ve wanted to take a food tour of Queens (or some part of Queens) for eons, and now Mary Jane Weedman has put together a thorough list of 48 eateries on one little stretch of Queens Boulevard…which Grub Street kindly made into a map. Let’s do it, k?

We made this (from the Kitchn) with lamb shanks, apricots, and brandy. It was incredible. Already scheming to make it again with prunes.

A make-your-own-sparkling-wine-cocktail bar – brilliant! Part of our next party, for sure.

My next brunch project. It really does look like the kind you’d buy in a bakery.

This honey-lemon tea-infused butter has me excited.

On a tip from Luisa, I made this “faux-tisserie” chicken last week. Guys, it’s a keeper’s keeper.

Last but not least, that picture at the top is from this time – eons ago – when I made a version of Deb’s spring vegetable potstickers but used kimchi, broccoli, and tofu. All in a pan, saute till soft, then process a bit before filling the dumpling wrappers. Not terribly difficult, really delicious. Highly recommended.

Happy weekending!

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  • Aliza N April 11, 2014,

    Love the list, Riv. Happy Weekend and Shabbat Shalom!