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Shana Tova!


To all those celebrating the Jewish New Year (and to all of you, regardless of whether or not this happens to be the start of a New Year for you)…

May this be a year of happiness,

a year in which we take time out to enjoy the small pleasures,

a year in which we do not hesitate to try many new things,

a year in which we find new ways to love our families, friends, and significant others,

a year in which we use our strength to help those more in need than we,

and of course, a year in which we eat wonderful, wonderful food.

Shana Tova, Bria, U’Metuka: a happy, healthy, and sweet new year!

(Also, between my recent foot surgery and the upcoming holidays, I actually missed the first anniversary of NDP!! I can promise a celebratory post after all these holidays pass and my foot heals…but for now, happy blogiversary to NDP!)


Ima’s Challah
link to recipe
On Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, we have a custom of making the challot round, to symbolize the cycle of the year that renews on this day. Braid each loaf extra long, then, starting at one end, wrap the braid around itself, lifting the braid slightly on top of itself as you go. Tuck the end under, brush with eggwash, and bake as normal.


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  • Aliza September 29, 2008,

    Shana Tova from San Francisco! Still loving the blog.

  • rivka September 29, 2008,

    thanks Liz! miss you 🙂

  • Ames September 30, 2008,

    That looks soooooo good!

  • Patricia Scarpin October 1, 2008,

    These are amazing. I love how beautifully braided they are.
    happy blog birthday and I hope you are recovered!

  • Ivy October 1, 2008,

    What a beautiful bread. Wow!
    Make this bread myself and have it look appetizing-in my dreams. Haha

    Happy blogoversary to you too.

  • Olga October 2, 2008,

    How pretty! I’ve made challah a few times, but just using a simple braiding technique. These are beautiful!

  • Hillary October 3, 2008,

    Shana tova u’metukah! Happy new year to you too! Those are the most beautiful challahs I’ve seen in a long time. Love the braided effect on the round challahs!

  • rivka October 3, 2008,

    Thanks to all of you and a big shana tova!

  • Ariel Irwin October 7, 2008,

    riv – these challot are absolutely beautiful. note to self for when i gather the strength to make challah.

    shana tova!

  • Deb Saxon November 7, 2008,

    Princess Leah would like her hair back.

    No but seriously, I am gulping my way through reading your blog! Everything looks amazing. I love your write-ups and I love everything you make! And your pictures are fantastic. In short, I’d like to be you. Thanks for sharing.